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Collateral Damage

We want to believe that our sin is our own. Our mistakes belong to us and mostly do not affect those around us. However, this is a lie. Our sins almost always have collateral damage. A drunk driver slams into a motorist who is obeying the rules of the road, is not drinking and driving, and as a result of someone else's his, his life is either impacted severely or even ended.

We have to realize that sin is deadly not only to us but those around us. We should be very careful then, on how we choose to live. We should intentionally choose to face our sins head on and call them out for what they are. We should consider the people around us who may be impacted by our sin and let that give us strength to fight for today. Beyond those reasons, we should consider our savior, Jesus. Paul asked if we should go on sinning after accepting Jesus as our savior and he replied to his own question by saying, "BY NO MEANS" (emphasis mine). "We died to sin how can we live in it any longer?" (Romans 6:1-2).

Let us choose to live intentionally for Jesus. To face your sin head on may require an accountability partner. Who can you talk to that you trust? I have a group of men that share our deepest struggles, hurts, and pains with each other. We ask hard questions and push each other to do better.

Who do you have? Find that person(s) who can help you fight! Afterall, if you don't there will be collateral damage to those around you.

Let me leave you with this good news: regardless of whatever damage you have already caused, the grace of Jesus is available for those that will trust Him. Trust Him today and you will be empowered to take on the shame of your past and the uncertainty of the future.

From: Your Friendly Neighborhood Preacher

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