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1) Connect to God.

2) Connect with each other

3) Connect to the world.

September - November Sermon Series:

            I was in Barns and Noble a while back, just browsing around. One book caught my eye with the title, “Mom, Tell Me Your Story.” I was a book where a child would interview their mom and fill in the blanks. Questions like, “Where did you grow up, what’s a favorite memory of your childhood, did you have any pets?” The ideas behind the book was to talk to your mom about these things before a day comes when you can no longer ask questions about her story. It turns out, there were several books in that style for grandparents, dads, and so on.

            Knowing someone’s story is important. With all of the funerals I have preached over 14 years has taught me how important it is to know the person you are talking about. When those attending a funeral trust the preacher knows the person they are remembering, they can trust the preacher when he talks about the hope of Jesus as well.

            This leads us to the most important story: God’s story. You know your story. You know some of your parents story. You know your kids story…but do you REALLY know God’s story? Reading through the Bible can seem like a daunting task. There are some really hard books and challenging topics. 

            This is why we will begin a new sermon series and Wednesday night study starting in September called, “The Story.” It will be a 31 week dive into God’s word. There are books available with condensed parts of the Bible in it. It will help you not only understand God’s word better but will help you build up the practice of reading God’s word frequently. 

            Join me in September as we all take a journey and learn God’s story.


Welcome to your new family

When visiting a church, one of the first questions anyone will have is, "What is this church all about?"  It is a great question to ask and needs to be.  What is Crestwood all about?  Connection.  We want to apply our three-pronged approach to ministry in everything we do: Connect to God, Connect to Each Other, Connect to the World.  If we are able to do this, we will fulfill God's desire for our church.

    What are some ways we can accomplish this?  Connect to God through preaching, bible study, worship songs, communion, offering, and prayer.  We connect to each other through fellowship meals, corporate worship services, Sunday school classes, and weekly Bible studies.  We connect to the world through a strongly supported missions program, donation programs to help the local community, and simply sharing the great love of Christ with those we come in contact with.

     If this sounds like a church you want to be a part of, won't you join us this week?  We hope you find the connections we feel are necessary to live as Christ has called us to.  We make ourselves available to serve you in any way we can.  In a world where people are often disconnected from something of value, from something that matters, we hope to provide a connection to impact your life...for life.

Founded on October 21, 1956


God Created Man. Rom 3:23
God Forgave Man Through Jesus. John 3:16

How Do We Accept That Forgiveness?
1. Believe Jesus Died For Our Sins. 1 Peter 3:18
2. Repent Of Our Sins. Acts 2:37-38
3. Confess Jesus Is Lord. Romans 10:9
4. Be Baptized. Acts 2:38, Romans 6:4
5. Follow Jesus' Teaching Acts2:42

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Acts 2 : 42



Senior Minister

Mark came to Crestwood on June 15, 2008.  He came from a ministry in central Illinois where he worked as the Senior Minister for almost five years while he completed his schooling.  Mark is a graduate from Saint Louis Christian College (May 2008) where he received a bachelor’s degree in Bible, with a specialization in preaching.  Mark is married to Melissa ('05) and they have five children, three sons, and two daughters.  


E-mail: revisky@sbcglobal.net


Church Secretary

Lisa Fitzgerald grew up on a farm in Callao, Missouri.  She graduated from Northeast Missouri State University (Truman University) in 1983 and moved to St. Louis.  She worked 19 years as a medical secretary.  She married Tom Fitzgerald on September 6, 1998.  Tom and Lisa have been members of Crestwood Christian Church since 2000. They have two children Danny who is eighteen years old and will graduate from Lindbergh High School in May of 2018. Jacob who is sixteen years old. Lisa started working as the Church Secretary at Crestwood Christian Church in October of 2008.

Phone: (314) 843-9069
Fax: (314) 843-8220

Email: crestwoodccoffice@yahoo.com


Youth Pastor

John is from the St. Louis, MO area.  He has served in youth ministry nearly four years while in college before coming to Crestwood.  John graduated from St. Louis Christian College in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Bible and Christian Ministry. He also has an associate’s degree from Sanford Brown College in Business Management that he earned in 2012.  John is excited to see the amazing future that God has in store for Crestwood Christian Church.


Mon - Fri: 9am - 3pm
Power Hour: Wed 5:15pm - 6:30 pm
Wednesday night Bible Study: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
(No Power Hour or Wednesday night Bible Study in Summer season)
Sunday School: 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Sunday Service: 10:30 am - 11:30 am


(314) 843-9069

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