• revisky

49 Days Until Christmas!

Do you remember the Coca-Cola ads about pausing and being refreshed? They began back in the 1920’s (I’m sure you don’t remember those specifically) but they were put together with the purpose of getting people to slow down and be refreshed by a cold soda. According to Retro Planet, this was how the ad came to be developed: “The first slogan Lee came up with in 1923 read, “Pause and refresh yourself,” with a second line that read, “Our nation is the busiest on earth. From breakfast to dinner there’s no end of work.” Perceived as too negative, in 1929 Woodruff and Lee changed the slogan to, “The pause that refreshes.” It is funny that we think busyness is an invention of the 2000’s. It’s been a problem for people in all human history. We just have different ways of staying busy.

Over the years, here is how the slogan has been adapted.

1924 Pause and Refresh Yourself

1932 The Drink That Makes the Pause Refreshing

1935 The Pause That Brings Friends Together

1937 Stop For a Pause . . . Go Refreshed

1938 Anytime Is the Right Time To Pause and Refresh

1947 Relax With the Pause That Refreshes

While some of the wording changes, the message remains the same: you have to take time to pause and be refreshed. While a cold soda might do that for you in a moment, we are all in need of something deeper. We are in need of refreshment that can last beyond 15 minutes. What can we ingest that will give us what we need to stay calm and focused in a hectic world?

The angels said to the shepherds that first Christmas: “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for ALL people (emphasis mine).” (Luke 2:10). Pause and be refreshed that Christmas, even in all of the busyness, is supposed to be a season when we remember God’s gift that brings great joy to ALL people. Take a moment today to pause and be refreshed by God’s amazing gift of His son, Jesus. 2020 forced many people to slow down back in March. People are on the move again. Don’t forget the value in pausing to be refreshed!

Merry Christmas!