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9 Days Until Christmas!

I remember hearing a sermon/sermons from a couple of preachers about how when Jesus was born, the world was in a time of unknown peace. After Alexander the Great conquered the known world, the Romans took over and established themselves as the owner/operator of everything, everywhere. During the time Jesus was born, there were no major wars being fought by the Romans. There were definitely uprisings and skirmishes that had to be handled but nothing like they had endured the previous few hundred years. In fact, there were no major battles from 39B.C. to 9A.D.

That level of peace on a governmental level was only surface deep. While it might appear calm, there was war that was present. On a world wide-level, there was oppression by the Romans. This caused conflicts and issues in the lives of people, Taxes were high, social conflicts were tense, life was hard.

We live in a world where tension has been high for a long time. Some of that has spilled into conflict, some of that we are just waiting to see what will happen.

Whether we live in a world at war or a world at peace, the good news of Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Christmas means real peace has come. Over the next couple of days, we will consider other types of war going on in the lives of people. Whatever your conflict may be today, keep your heart and mind focused on the reason for the season. Keep your focus on Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Merry Christmas!

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