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8 Days Until Christmas!

Today’s type of Christmas war I want to consider is a family at war. That first Christmas had family tension. Traveling can be strenuous enough, add in the fact that Mary is almost at the end of her pregnancy and Joseph may have little to no experience helping in such matters, there had to be some relational stress.

Another point of observation I would like to draw your attention to is why Mary and Joseph were traveling. Caesar issued an order that everyone should return to their hometown to register for the census. Joseph was from Bethlehem. Why did they not stay with family? Don’t you think someone would have make room for a full-term pregnant family member? What was going on?

This is only a suspicion on my part but I think word of Mary’s unusual pregnancy and Joseph believing her traveled by word of mouth ahead of them. I don’t think any family wanted to be associated with them. I think they were shunned.

This is how many people are feeling this year. Different opinions on COVID, being infected, travel restrictions, and other challenges are straining relationships. There are many families that feel like they are at war with one another. While this is not new, it is sad.

If you are experiencing the strain on relationships this Christmas, whether it is new to this year or rolled over from years ago, I ask that we would take God at His Word. What does His word say? Blessed are the peacemakers, as far as it depends on you live at peace with everyone, make every effort to live at peace with everyone, and many more.

Do what you can to live at peace with everyone and let God handle the rest. If you truly try to do that, then you will have a:

Merry Christmas!

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