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50 Days Until Christmas!

So it begins. Let me begin this count down by way of introduction. Most years, I offer some type of countdown, reflection, thought-provoking insights into Christmas and what’s really important. I use stories from my childhood, my kids, my family, books I’ve read, sermons I’ve listened to, songs I’ve sung, the scriptures that tell the story, and the list goes on.

The purpose of this years writing is to help you slow down for a few minutes each day to reflect and think about what is truly important, especially this time of year. If you are not careful, this season will fly by with mounting stress, bills, and commitments. And, when it’s all over, you’ll be glad, but you will also be depressed…or maybe even empty. You will have clean up, bills, sadness, missed opportunities, missed connections with family and friends, or maybe you didn’t get what you really wanted for Christmas, whether peace and joy or that special gift.

If you take time to read this blog each day, I don’t promise you won’t have stress and avoid all challenges. I do promise it will give you time to focus on what matters. We will do that through heart-warming stories, laughter, inspirational quotes, scripture, and a few Youtube links. Join me as we take a 50 day journey to Christmas together!

Merry Christmas!

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