• revisky

37 Days Until Christmas!

So, how is the gift buying going? Do you realize how close to Christmas we are getting? A while back, the postal service said to expect delays in shipping. Now, I have not noticed any delays personally, as most of my shopping is already done (and most of it was done in the stores), but all the same, are you getting a little nervous about it?

Back when Missy was pregnant with Milo, she went into early labor on December 23rd. (He would be born on February 6th, 2014). She ended up having to go to the mid-wives and eventually, a night stay in the hospital. We didn’t get to go to the Christmas Eve service that year. We also didn’t go shopping for each other yet (we procrastinated big time that year) so that meant on Christmas Eve, when we opened gifts with the kids after we got home from the hospital, there were no gifts for Missy or me. Missy was sad she did not get me any gift that year and I was sad she did not get me any gift that year… kidding…kind of.

Some years, we have really procrastinated the gift-buying. I am happy to say that this year, her big gift was purchased and wrapped in our room with about 100 days to go! Whoever said battling procrastination is best left until tomorrow, I feel that but I conquered it this year!

The wise men brought three gifts to Jesus. Over the next few days we will examine each of them and their significance.

The one question I do have is: were these gifts intentional? Were they leftovers from their journey? Did they plan them out in advance? We really don’t know but once we observe the meaning of each gift, we will see just how amazing these first Christmas gifts really were. I look forward to looking at them together and I hope you do to. Until tomorrow:

Merry Christmas!