• revisky

35 Days Until Christmas!

When we last left off, the wise men presented Jesus with the gift of gold, demonstrating Jesus is king.

The second gift is the gift of frankincense. This is also called incense. This was a special plant or oil that would be burned in the temple during worship. It would release a fragrant aroma that was symbolic of the people’s worship being pleasing to God. This incense was also only burned by the high priest.

This demonstrated that Jesus would not only live a life that would be pleasing to God but that He would be the one high priest that would connect us to God. No longer would we have third-party access to God. We would have direct access through Jesus.

When kids write their Christmas list to Santa, they expect mom and dad, grandpa or grandma, or the mailman to make sure it gets delivered so dreams can come true. They may even worry if it will happen on time or if it will be lost or forgotten. If you are fortunate enough to hear or participate in the gathering of a child’s Christmas list this year, remember how blessed you are to direct access to God. Jesus will make sure your connection is made. He’s not too busy, He won’t forget. Your prayer won’t be lost in the mail. Because of Jesus, we all have direct access to God.

Merry Christmas!