• revisky

34 Days Until Christmas!

The gift of myrrh. If you kind of keep your lips close together as you say this word, it sounds like you are mooing like a cow…

And $10 says you just tried it…you did…you know you did.

Anyway, myrrh might be the most unknown gift that the wise men brought Jesus. At least in terms of it’s function. There are many who could probably name it but not know what it’s purpose was. The purpose of myrrh was in preparing a body for burial. Now that sounds like a wonderful Christmas gift to a young child doesn’t it. “How does little Jesus like his home-embalming kit…keep away from the cat!”

I digress, myrrh was especially symbolic because it represented that Jesus was the lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world. Did the wise men understand that? I don’t know. Did they realize this gift would point to the sacrificial nature of Jesus’ death? I don’t know.

But today, we can look back and see the plan of God unfolding. The gift of myrrh might have been confusing to Mary and Joseph. It might not have made sense to them but it does to us. With time, God reveals many things to us. Let us take the step of faith that says, “God, even when I don’t understand, I will trust you.”

Merry Christmas!