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27 Days Until Christmas!

I’m getting ready to go on a 6+ mile hike on a trail I have never been on before. Blake is taking me. It’s cold. So I have to figure out how many layers I need to wear to be comfortable. (If you did not know it, I am allergic to the cold and break out in hives if I get too cold…sad but true). Anyway, as we go on this trail, I will have no idea where I am, but I will trust that Blake will lead me safely to our destination: his truck.

The wisemen had a compass that led them to their destination: the star. Some suggest the star was figurative. Some say it was literal. Whichever the case, they had a compass lead them to Jesus.

This Christmas, what compass are you following? Is it pointing to presents, food, family, selfishness, generosity, or is it pointing to Jesus? Truly examine your heart to see what your true destination is this Christmas. Choose to be like the wisemen and journey to Jesus. Notice, though they found a toddler and not a throne room, they were overjoyed. When they found a toddler, they worshiped. Though they had to journey a different way home, they rejoiced. If you look for and find Jesus this Christmas, you won’t be disappointed.

Merry Christmas!

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