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23 Days Until Christmas!

Yesterday, we wrapped up the Christmas presents we had for the kids and set them in a pile, near our bed. The kids all took turns looking at the goodies, excited about what each wrapped surprise might contain.

The best reaction to the pile of presents came from Maelee. She came into our room and was very excited. We have one particular wrapping paper for each kid and she named who was getting what (and was correct). Owen’s were wrapped in Baby Yoda, Olivia in sloths, Max in Mario, Milo in Minions, and Maelee in Paw Patrol. But we had to burst her bubble because she was expecting to open the presents right then.

We tried explaining to her, “Yes we have the presents now, but it’s not time to open them yet.” We would tell her 23 days (we open on Christmas Eve) and she would say, “Ok, 1 hour.” “No, not one hour, 23 days.” This went on the rest of the day yesterday.

Can you imagine what Maelee will act like on Christmas Eve morning when she heads downstairs and all the presents are under the tree? She will realize the day has finally come! She will be so happy to finally see what goodies we have prepared for her.

We live in a time like Maelee is experiencing. We live in a time when Jesus has already come and we celebrate that at Christmas. We also live in a time when we expect Jesus to return. Each day that passes without His return, it is God saying, “Not yet. As I heard it quoted from a fellow preacher, “We live in the already but not yet.”

It can be hard to wait. It is easy to get discouraged or frustrated. Hang in there. God has a plan. His timetable is moving exactly as He has planned. Trust that if God continues to say not yet, there is a reason for it. Don’t give up, don’t lose heart. After all, the angel told the shepherds that there is peace to those on whom God’s favor rests. Those are the people that trust in Him, continually.

One day (and I know the day) Maelee will get the joy of opening those presents. One day, we will get the joy of Jesus returning. It’s going to happen…just not yet. Keep hanging on. Keep faith alive.

Merry Christmas!

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