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22 Days Until Christmas!

One year, my parents bought my brother and I a metal detector for Christmas. We never had one, never asked for one, never used one before. So, we were excited to see how it worked. We started walking through the fields with it, just looking for treasure anywhere we could find it.

Well, we did not have a lot of luck. We never did find any treasure. So my brother thought it would be best if we created our own treasure to find. I agreed with that idea. I would bury a coin in the yard by the garden and we would search with the metal detector to see if we could find it. We never found it. My brother shot an arrow parallel with the ground and it would skid under the grass and stubble of the field. We would use the metal detector to find the arrow and we actually did…most of the time.

I share that story is ask a few questions: what are you searching for this Christmas? What are you wanting to come across? What is your metal detector looking for in life? I hope it looking for something more significant than a pretty box with a bow. I hope it is more meaningful that something bought at the store. I hope this Christmas, you find all that God wants you to find.

Merry Christmas!

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