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20 Days Until Christmas!

Yesterday, we went back to the 1942 Sears Christmas book. What all was going on in 1942?

In 1942, the new song performed by Bing Crosby was, “White Christmas,” and it has sat as a holiday favorite ever since.

The FBI convicted 33 people linked to a German spy ring.

WW2 expanded into the Pacific Islands.

The United States began operating Japanese internment camps within the United States.

Due to gas demands of the war, rationing of fuel to American citizens began.

There continued to be sharp disagreement in the United States about the countries involvement in World War 2.

2020 seems like a tough year. And it has been a tough year. From world-wide struggles to personal challenges, this year has caused a lot of stress and pain in the lives of many millions.

Looking back at 1942 lets me know that this is not new. The struggle of life is something that has been true, back from Adam and Eve working by the sweat of their brow and painful childbirth, to Cain being frustrated by Abel’s accepted sacrifice, to where we are today. Life has been a struggle.

Christmas is the time when God physically joined us in the struggle. Jesus knew our struggles. He grew up poor, moved, seems to have lost a parent at some point (though we can’t know that for sure. I just seems like Joseph is absent after an early event in Jesus’ life. He is never mentioned again). Jesus changed careers at 30, was loved and hated, had success and perceived failures. Jesus was betrayed and lied about. Ultimately, wrongfully killed.

Christmas reminds us that God joined us in the struggle of life. That’s why we read that Jesus is our high priest who can sympathize with us. We have a God who understands. That may be the greatest gift you can have this Christmas; to know God knows and understands your struggles. We will get through this together.

Merry Christmas!

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