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15 Days Until Christmas!

Wow, 15 Days! It is getting close! Want a sad thought? In 16 days, it’s just a process of cleaning up. It’s considering all that was given and received…or not received. It will be remembering faces seen and unseen. Christmas will become a memory. What are you doing to prepare this Christmas to be a positive and good memory?

My favorite Christmas movie is, “A Christmas Carol.” The 1984 version is my favorite edition (not just because I was born that year) but George C. Scott’s portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge is flawless. If you have seen the movie or read the Dicken’s book, it’s about a hard, mean man who is visited by ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.

Let’s consider the ghost of Christmas past today. What do your previous Christmas’s look like? Are they filled with happiness, family, presents? Or are they filled with anger, frustration, fighting, sadness, and absence? I have so many wonderful Christmas memories. What makes these memories wonderful?

Let me also ask, what part did Jesus play in your Christmas past? Was He simply a figurine in a manger or was He central to your celebrations? It is an important question that can make all the difference to how you remember your Christmas past.

I hope you have many wonderful memories of Christmas past and I hope that whatever Christmas heartaches you feel are covered in God’s grace.

Merry Christmas!

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