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13 Days Until Christmas!

Christmas future. It’s hard to think about Christmas future when we are still 13 days away from this one. However, considering Christmas future should impact our actions this year. What will the decisions I make this Christmas mean a year from now, 10 years from now?

A wise man and friend of mine (Vic Miller) asked a question I have contemplated quite a bit recently. He asked, “What action can I take today that one year from now I will be glad that I did?” It is a deep question. I answered the question by saying I needed to do a better job living out the Philippians 4:8 that says whatever is excellent or praiseworthy, think on such things. I can have a tendency to focus a lot of mental energy on negative emotions. The more I thought about it I decided I needed to begin a gratitude journal. I am writing things/people/events etc that I am thankful for. It is super simple but I hope it will help me change my focus to more positive thoughts on a consistent basis.

What can you do this Christmas that will allow you to look back and say, “I’m so glad I did that.” Choose to do that to make your future Christmas’s the absolute best that they can be. It’s worth it. At the end of, “A Christmas Carol,” the narrator talks about the legacy of Ebenezer Scrooge and how it changed with his change. You can do the same. Your Christmas future doesn’t have to be deary, sad, or painful. Make a decision today to change it.

The best decision you can make is to trust Jesus. That will give you the joy of Christmas today and in the future.

Merry Christmas

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