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11 Days Until Christmas!

11 Days Until Christmas!

When we were having lunch with my parents yesterday after church, Missy and I were telling them about an antique mall we went to last week and how much fun it was. We all agreed to go together in the near future. Mom and dad talked about the stuff they have enjoyed finding over the years and we talked about a couple Christmas presents we picked up.

Then I shared an observation with them. While I have made many purchases and bought things I, “just had to have,” I said it was amazing just how much stuff people have bought over the years, thinking they really had something special. There was a suit of armor 3 feet tall, statues, pictures, trinkets, and all the normal antique mall stuff. Most of it was not in perfect condition, some of it was unrecognizable, some was in glass cases to be protected for its value (or perceived value).

This Christmas, many people will receive gifts that will make them think this is the best Christmas ever. Maybe it will be a Playstation 5, a computer, a vacuum, a new clothing item, a home decoration, a kitchen gadget, a doll, a toy. But how many years till that item sits in an antique mall as a forgotten memory or a treasure no more? How long until it’s junk for the dump instead of a cherished gift?

I don’t say this to make you avoid gift-giving (it’s my favorite!). I say this to encourage you to evaluate what kind of gifts you will give this year. Make sure you are making memories that will last a lifetime and not just giving plastic that one day will break. When you become that intentional with your gift giving, then you will have a Christmas worth remembering and gifts that last beyond their usability and even your lifetime.

Merry Christmas!

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