Crestwood Christian Church's Ladies Bible Study group will resume after summer stay tuned for more information.


SENIOR SERVANTS are a group of people 55 and older who get together at noon the third Thursday of every month  forpotluck followed by a speaker or program. We are finished by 2:00P.M.
When weather permits, we do day trips to local and not-so-local attractions and restaurants. 
SENIOR SERVANTS are couples, singles, members and non-members -- just normal everyday people who enjoy food, fun & fellowship.


1st Tuesdays –
CHEW ON THIS: AKA “Potluck and pearls”. We’ll eat together and later discuss a verse that means something to us or that we want to understand better… each week, each one of us will choose a verse.
2nd Tuesdays –
IT’S ON -  We’ll Choose the week before what “type” of games we want to play (i.e. board games, trivia games, guessing games, role playing games, dominos, etc).
3rd Tuesdays –
WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: This will be a “Book club” night with out 1st book being “Madeline L’Engle’s book: “bright Evening Start: Mystery of the Incarnation”.
4th Tuesdays –
$5 FELLOWSHIP: We’ll meet at Ronnie’s to see a movie together.
5th Tuesdays -
HIGH HURDLES: We’ll try to help each other tackle everyday problems such as financial, diet/health issues dating (or lack thereof), etc. Basically, a “free space” night to choose what we want to do together as a “ministry family”.


We also support other organizations and Missionaries to reach out to the world. to learn more about it click here

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